Payment Methods

Credit Cards & PayPal

This website accepts credit cards and PayPal payments. All payments are processed by PayPal. Checkout process will redirect you to PayPal’s site, where you can either log in to your own PayPal account or use your credit card instead.

In most cases, you don’t need to have a PayPal account to complete a purchase. After you have clicked “Complete order”, you can skip the PayPal login by leaving those fields empty, and select the “Pay with a credit card” option instead: a grey button should be available right below the PayPal login fields. (If the website doesn’t show this button to you, please continue reading below.)

Sometimes PayPal may require customers to sign up to PayPal before they can pay. This may happen due to a number of different reasons. In some cases (not always) one of these actions might help:

1) Clear your browser cache, and try purchasing again.
2) Make sure that you are not using an email or a card that has been previously used with a PayPal account.
3) You can try using a different email address or a different card for your purchase, if you have that option.

However, please note that guest payments (using credit card without logging in to PayPal) may simply not be available in some countries or situations. This depends on which type of payment policy PayPal applies in your country. For more details and support with using credit cards at PayPal checkout, I recommend visiting the help page at PayPal and contacting the PayPal customer support.